Why You Should Run For 20

We live in a world where we are either chasing time, with time, or ahead of time. On the days that we feel as if we just cannot get it all done, we either throw in the towel or muster up the energy to finish the day off on a strong note and tick the boxes.

If there were any to begin with.

Many people don’t have 20 minutes to spare in their day for exercise.

Wait!? I’m making that up.

But how many of us have felt as if we didn’t have the time?

I’m gonna guess all of us. At least at some point. At times we’re going strong and ahead of time while some weeks we have the odd day or two where our “to-do list” seems a bit much.

We may feel agitated at the end of the day because we feel as if we haven’t done enough. Welcome to the age we current live in. Doing and more doing.

The solution

Hit refresh by going for a twenty minute run.

This is if you have healthy knees and running is possible for you. I know first hand how it feels not to be able to run and jump or do any high impact activity for a while. It literally took me into darkness back when I was about 21. My cartilage was no more in my right knee. Mentally it killed me. And I only crippled myself mentally further back then.

I digress, I’m not suggesting to go run for an hour but literally timing yourself and going for run/steady jog.

I find that it’s the sweet spot between breaking a good sweat and not being completely tired afterwards.

An extra plus is that you’re more than likely to have some gas left in the tank and we can use that extra energy to get a good stretch in or add 15-20 minutes of functional bodyweight training.

What I really like is the clarity post-run.

It’s quite similar to how I feel after meditation but different to the degree that I’ve got a sweat in and the boost of endorphins which trigger a real positive feeling in my body. A little “runner’s high”. I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of sweating and exercise.

This isn’t advice for those looking to lose weight, although starting small and creating the habit will work wonders. Consistency is better than once every two weeks.

With 20 minutes as the goal, it doesn’t take long and you can go all out the last 5 minutes or so.

I do these small runs in the morning on alternate days but have found that the evenings work too and they set me up for a good rest later.

To conclude

If you’re a creative and need to get out of your work space/studio – go for a run.

Need some fresh air? – go for a run.

Don’t like to meditate – go for a run.

Want to feel alive? – go for a run.

We feel powerful.

We feel in control.

We feel confident.

Block 20 minutes in your day either in the morning or the evening.

Enjoy the benefits and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading!

Do you run?

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