Change Is Constant

The best part about undertaking a personal experiment is that YOU DECIDE when and what change to make.

It’s all too easy to get comfortable with our current routine. After the initial phase we feel we’ve dialed it in and it definitely gets easier to do.

But it’s similar to the way our body grows.

We need to mix it up and keep our body and mind guessing in order to breakthrough inevitable plateaus.

Instead of giving up when we hit a plateau, which is usually an easier option, we just need to make an adjustment here and there in order to send a message to our system that this is something new and it has to adapt.

As Socrates said:

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the the old, but on building the new.”

Change means growth 

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Slight changes to our current routine can lift us up and out of your comfort zone.

We can progress towards that outer edge from where we started but let us not make such a drastic change that we ending up failing after day 1 because we thought you were motivated and inspired enough. These guys come and go and we can’t entirely rely on them.

Small changes work out better and enable us to stay consistent without too many interuptions.

Change stimulates flexibility

We begin to stretch our body our body and mind as we make changes to our daily routine, exercise regime or eating habits.

The benefit of dealing with these changes is that we become flexible in a sense that we are better able to deal with any hiccups that may occur in our everyday lives. No one likes a curve ball.

Take Action

Go out and mix it up a little or a lot!

Change the exercise you do or add a new exercise.

Go exercise in the park. Wake up earlier than you do now.

You decide!

It’s UP to You! That’s the best part.

What’s 1 goal you want to achieve in the year 2018?

Training outdoors in Hanoi.




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