How To Create Space

A feeling came over me yesterday as we flew towards Hanoi from Hong Kong. My girlfriend and I had to sit separately as the airline had overbooked the plane and there was not enough space.

This gave us some time apart which set us up for a great experience to reconnect once we landed.

Being alone provided me with an opportunity to still the mind and reflect.

Seeing the word from such a height really puts it all in perspective.

We are all apart of something much bigger than ourselves and connected to the infinite consciousness that is present within all of us.

It really is incredible that we can step onto a plane and safely travel to different parts of the world.

It should be celebrated and deeply appreciated.

Take this opportunity

An opportunity to ‘zoom out‘ and reflect upon what is important in our lives.

Especially as the year draws to a close and we all prepare for the next chapter which is 2018.

What excess luggage will you leave behind?

What will you carry on into 2018?

It’s time to remove the unnecessary and keep the essentials.

Make Space

What usually happens when we travel is we tend to end up with a heavier bag than when we left home.

It might not be true for all of us but I surely have experienced this a number of times.

An analogy I like to remind myself of is one that has to do with a packed bag.

If we pack our lives full to the brim and it’s bursting at the seems, we won’t have any space to fill our lives with anything new that we pick up along the way.

It isn’t always necessary to fill up that space that we create. Instead, that space can leave us feeling lighter, comfortable and more energetic.

Accepting the space and using it as a platform to breathe and just let be can be so refreshing for the soul.

This fast-paced digital age we live in convinces us that we need to constantly cram in what we can into any ‘free space’ we have available.

We’ve almost forgotten how to do nothing.

Take time out for yourself to appreciate what’s precious in your life.

Work out what the necessities are.

Pack those in for this next journey as we head on into 2018.

If you have some space available, rejoice in the fact that you now have a chance to fill it with something new later.

Or see how long you can enjoy the space without filling it with anything.

Perhaps when you do pick up something new, replace rather than add.

We need the space to operate at the level that we do. A harddrive needs enough space to operate at an optimum level.

We too need our nervous system, immune system and all other systems to operate at an optimum level.

It’s time to clean up!



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  1. Yes, every one of us, no matter how enamoured we may be of another, needs to sit and do nothing, alone, every so often.

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