Creativity for Breakfast

Since I’ve been waking up at the early hours of the morning, I’ve found that once I sit down to practice my scales and pieces that there is an abundance of clarity and creativity.

This past week I’ve been going straight into the studio and working on projects in the early hours of the morning before anything else.

What arises in the morning passion.

I realize all over again why I was drawn to music and why I’ve spent countless hours creating, mixing, arranging and practicing the craft behind music production.

At times, we as electronic music producers question ourselves, have doubts or wonder where we are on this journey.

I read a great article about the 5 stages of an electronic music producer that I had found online about 2 years ago. I recently read it again.

Most people don’t make it past stage 3.

This is the stage where we give up or we feel it takes too much effort to craft a great track or we have just lost the drive.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

What it comes down to is that each day our creativity well is replenished and we have another shot at creating or finishing something that comes from a place within us – our art, our idea.

There’s a time for reading, studying theory, watching tutorials and honing in on new techniques. But there’s also a time to create.

The more of this we do, as hard as it may seem at times, the better we get and the more progress we make. That’s what counts.

Let’s continue to create and finish the projects we start and feel connected to.

We also need to be aware of when to abandon a project. It is not necessary finish every single project we start.

That’s when we begin to feel tired and bored and that it requires to much energy. You will be behind schedule and won’t end up actually creating anything new.

The feeling of having to finish 5-6 projects you don’t really feel ampt about is not going to leave you feeling very creative let alone motivated and inspired.

I’m more meticulous now when it comes to what sounds I want to use, what I want my drums to sound like, how loud I want things to be and what feeling I want to convey through my music.

In the beginning, when we’re just starting out, we are like sponges. We soak up so much information in the first 2-3 years. Whether it’s from tutorials on sound design, to mixing techniques, to arrangement, to compression, we should not get bogged down by learning so much to the point where we’re not creating on a consistent basis.

Information overload can leave you feeling confused as to what direction to go in.

Use the time when you’re feeling bit tired or have some kind of writers to block to go and pick up some new technique or brush up on some music theory and practice an instrument instead.

Take a break from the clicking.

Go listen to music that got you into music in the first place or listen to music you aspire to and analyse it. Really listen and notice when things happen in the track.

This will teach you so much about arranging it’s quite incredible.

Why? Because you’ve also been training your ear when you’re mixing, creating and shaping your tracks especially once you understand EQ the the scope thereof.

Right! Obviously this applied to music production but I feel this same principles apply to any other creative endeavour.

They all require the practical and theory behind them.

The call to action

Whether you wake up early or not, experiment for yourself and do some creative work first thing in the morning.

Enjoy your first cup of coffee while you create whatever it is that you do. 

Have fun and notice the clarity that is available in the morning. The day hasn’t had its way with you yet and you’re in a sense untouched. 

Nothing has influenced the direction you can take this morning.

5 thoughts on “Creativity for Breakfast

  1. Thanks for your post. I too have been thinking about creativity lately and it’s fun to get a glimpse into how others approach their artistic endeavors, even if our disciplines are different. I’m going to think about how I might use my mornings differently.

  2. Excellent post. For me, the early mornings are when I can at least (post) write, but I need to work more on that as well.
    Unfortunately, stress and unbalance of life is leaving me less creative.

    Also, enjoy your health posts!

    1. I feel the mornings are even more valuable if the rest of the day is full of activity. That was where my motivation for this blog came from. Get up early and get creative and deep work done before the work day takes over. In the evening there just isn’t the same energy available. I’m happy to hear about the health posts! There will continue to be more. So nice to hear from you Laura!

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