The Gift Behind Waking Up Early

Good morning! You up yet?

It has been over 66 days of waking up early and I believe that this habit has strengthened my discipline muscle tremendously.

I’ve been experimenting with waking up at different times in the early morning as well as taking sleep cycles into account which has been quite interesting.

This morning I woke up at 6:10 a.m. and I found it incredibly easy considering I had been waking up at 5:50 for the last 2 months.

What I noticed this morning was that although I was tired, I was easily able to draw upon the discipline I had cultivated and could immediately get up and was motivated to do so.

Lacking discipline?

Here’s what to do

Use waking up early to build discipline for 2-3 months.

It will be worth it.

If after those few months you want to go back to sleeping in, be my guest.

The funny thing is, you probably won’t wake up super late anymore.

You might not get up at the very crack of dawn but you’ll get up early enough to do some YOU work.

I got some piano practice in, had time to journal which I have been doing since I started 2+ months ago and went to do calisthenics training in the park.

All of that before I even headed off to work.

The simple habit of waking up early not only builds discipline but sets your day up for success.

A couple things to note:

Don’t wake up early without a reason.

You need to have a reason.

Your why needs to be strong.

Ask yourself if there are any things you want to take care or get done in the morning.

It might be writing, it might be exercise, it might be reading.

Whatever it may be, waking up early is a sure fire way to build and strengthen our discipline muscle.

The stronger it becomes, the easier it is to do the things other people aren’t willing to do.

Have a good day all!

8 thoughts on “The Gift Behind Waking Up Early

  1. Improving my sleep is an ongoing project. I have discovered, though, that earlier to bed and earlier to rise allows me to get up naturally, without an alarm clock. And I get more done from 5-8am than I sometimes do the entire rest of the day! Thanks for this confirmation and inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Susan! I definitely agree that early to bed and early to rise is so effective. Win the morning and you win the day! I know how you feel – I feel so content when I’m done in the morning that I can thoroughly enjoy my evenings and my whole day. It really sets the tone for the day. I must say I find the night time routine a lot more difficult to get dialed in than the waking up early. 😀

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