Why You Think Meditation Is Difficult

I’ve been asked many times before, “Isn’t meditation about sitting down and trying to think about nothing?”

This always cracks me a up quite a bit.

In essence it’s nothing more than sitting and ‘being’ in this world that we ourselves are already an integral part of.

Convincing someone to sit down for ten or twenty minutes is a waste of time if they are not willing to explore themselves and improve self awareness in the first place. Some can’t be bothered.

I agree with B.K.S Iyengar that mediation cannot be taught. Sure there are techniques and exercises that you can practise in order to make mediation more comfortable but it is the willingness of a person to go ahead into the unknown and reap the benefits themselves. No one can help you through this ‘shedding’ phase.

A good quote that resonated with me the other morning was:

“The only thing in your way is YOU. ”

If you’re not already waking up early, I challenge and encourage you to wake up ten to fifteen minutes earlier.


So you can ‘sit’ for ten minutes and observe what it happening in your mind. Most aren’t aware what our minds are up to. We let it run rampant and wonder why we experience such ‘life stress’.

Use the ten minutes each day as an anchor. Your time to gain clarity and rid yourself of incessant thinking especially early in the morning.

Would you rather start the day relatively clear and in a proactive state? Or start in reactive state straight from the get go?

This doesn’t guarantee that the rest of your day won’t be without its usual ups and downs, it just gives you the freedom to start your day off RIGHT.

How you handle the rest of the day is up to you and your ATTITUDE plays an important role here.

No matter what happens. We have the freedom to decide how external events affect us internally.

What is your form of mediation? Walking, running, writing?

Share it with me.

6 thoughts on “Why You Think Meditation Is Difficult

  1. My meditations occur in early morning, after work and before bedtime. There is nothing in my way, there is much on which to reflect and the end result is a wealth of affirmation.

  2. I meditate at three different times of day: (1) Right when I wake up, either by sitting in silence for 10 min or doing a quick yoga practice (2) Right after lunch, sitting outside in nature and just watching my son play quietly (3) Right before bed, same way as I do after waking up in the morning.

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