You Don’t Have A Ritual

Why would anyone be motivated to wake up at the crack of dawn if they didn’t have a plan to use their extra time? Anyone can wake up early for one day. Maybe you had to wake up early because you had an appointment or an early meeting. There is a reason. Now wouldn’t waking up with no intention be pointless? Yes.

Is there something you have been itching to do but just can’t seem to find the time after work? It might be reading a book you’ve out off for awhile or doing that new exercise routine you’ve been keen to try out or hitting the gym before work. Whatever it is. It can probably be done in the morning.

You need to identify first and foremost what it is that you want to do and commit to a plan of action.

Creating a personal morning ritual is fun and each person will have a different way of doing this. The plan of action now is to create a 15-30 minute ritual/routine that you can do each and every morning. Weekends included! Some may be able to do the week on weekends off programme but I believe in creating one that you can do 7 days a week.

Let’s bring time into the equation.

How much time do you have in the morning? 5 minutes or 30 minutes? Or perhaps you have an hour?

The beauty of waking up early is that you can literally see the extra hours you can get into a day. You will lay a strong foundation for yourself by doing ‘your work’ in the early morning.

For yourself. If you decide to.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have A Ritual

  1. For years now every morning 365, I am up and showered for at least 60 minutes of sunrise yoga. I can practice in the soft glow of twinkle lights in my art studio. As the sun rises I bend and stretch and move with breath in peace and quiet and bliss as family and furry friends sleep and then I do it all over again at sunset with a little less quiet but the same peace. I love my rituals they keep me grounded and I’m an old hippie artist so a little grounding helps lol. I love love love your blog by the way. I should be painting instead I can’t stop reading!

  2. Why wake up 5:50? It might be the best oxygen in the air; all is quiet and during spring/ summer the birds start singing….melody for your ears and you might be just in the middle …

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