Wake Up Early

Work hard. Play hard. A saying that you will undoubtedly hear when living in Hong Kong. “The city that never sleeps.” One soon finds out that this is the case and that you’re pretty much working most the time, just like everyone else in the world. Although, Hong Kong is known for having one of the longest work weeks and this “on-the-go-all-the-time” mentality can quite rightly lead to a one feeling that “You don’t have enough Time. ” On the flip side, “You don’t have enough Energy.”

Having been working and living in Hong Kong for over two years, I’ve become more and more interested in managing ones time and energy. The hustle of trying to FIT everything in week IN and week OUT.

I have been a night owl for as far back as I can remember and came to the conclusion that it was the late nights that were most productive for me. Where I could go “offline” and be creative and productive. Now to mention the fact that at 8:00pm in the evening, one simply doesn’t have the same energy level as one would normally have in the morning. Which means we’re running on less fuel. Willpower, discipline and motivation are affected and I feel it takes more energy to summon them when you are already running low. However strengthening your willpower and discipline will make it easier and allow you greater ‘access’.

As I’ve continuously adjusted and tweaked my schedule and routines and rituals, I’ve now been inspired to try something new. Experiment a bit more. Change IT up. Many people are doing it. Many people also attest to the fact that it has changed their lives. What is IT?


Is it easy? No!

Does it pay off?  Yes!

Within a few days! The maths makes it crystal clear. The sheer joy of having a few more hours in your day should be treasured. “What a tragedy to waste a day in this life.” For sure, we get that and so we go on. Somehow it doesn’t register and perhaps we try and try but it comes right back to finding the energy to live life to its fullest each and everyday. This too can become tiring.

I want to find out and learn more about people’s morning ‘rituals’. I’m intrigued by how different people structure their day or if there is any structure at all. I especially enjoy learning about their routines and rituals.

Now I’d like to hear from YOU.

What does your morning ritual/routine look like?

Comment below and let’s discuss this topic and how we can further tweak and adjust it for an optimal start to the day.

My personal yoga practice has become my anchor. A topic for a future post but for now I’ll state that yoga has been my morning ritual for the past five years. An anchor I travel with wherever I go.